My name is Warren Hall and I want to share with you my story about Soulworks. Soulworks has become an outlet for me to continue to explore my love of wood. I was an organic farmer near Calgary that used the winter months to travel to southern USA and learn more about sustainable building methods for my future farm. My travels took me to many natural homes and their beautiful woodwork. Over the years my new found passion for wood went from my hobby to my full-time occupation. My experiences with wood and natural buildings have been enhanced by several mentors:


First there was Robert and Paula Baker-Laporte and there passion for clay, straw and timber framed homes most often with a beautiful Japanese flair. Santa Fe, NM.


Next was Rick Grandbois of Plexus Doors,Naramata BC and his stunning entries made with reclaimed Douglas fir. Rick and his crew shared their passion for salvaged Douglas fir with me, it was here that I began to collect and learn where to buy salvaged wood.


Most recently, Ray Seguin a furniture designer/craftsman in Canmore, rented me space in his shop for a couple of years. Ray often came up with interesting alternatives, and demonstrated the concept of Shibui, “the Japanese aesthetic referring to reserved, simple and elegant qualities.” His life long quest for meaning and beauty continues to blossom. Soulworks can cater to most commercial and residential requests, providing quality workmanship utilizing reclaimed materials.